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Are your thermal windows fogged? You have four choices:

Do nothing
Putting up with the fog costs nothing… however you cannot appreciate your view as much. Over time, the cost to correct the problem will rise and the value of your home will diminish. If you are on our site, it is not by choice.
Defogging is a well-known process that is efficient and not too costly (only a few tens of dollars per window). This technique will correct the problem in only a few hours. Learn more
Replace the window pane
When defogging is not the solution because there is too much damage to the window pane, you can change the double thermal window pane. Save time and money compared to changing the entire window since the inside and outside frames and mouldings will all remain in place. Learn more
Replace the windows
The ultimate solution, only for when the window frames are not recoverable. However this solution is disruptive and costly. Learn more